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I almost hesitated to go to Dr. Khanna because of the other ratings on this site. I am glad I was not deterred. He was incredibly helpful, patient, professional and kind. I have a very complicated case that has baffled many doctors, who have provided me with as many false maladies but Dr. Khanna didn't jump to any conclusions. He did a thorough physical exam (something missing from 99% of doctors' repertoires these days because they rely on technology) that turned up many more clues than all the past "tests" I had been running around Washington to do. Then he took the time to explain, answered my questions with the patience of a saint, and even allowed me to show him my theories on the MRI and then kindly explained what I was misreading (I am not a doctor). Then, amazingly, even though he determined my back was not the main cause, he provided me with referrals to other doctors who could begin to piece together the issue AND (unbelievable) he offered to serve as the central point person to help put all the clues together for me!! Most doctors would say "not my thing" and send me back to my PCP. But he offered to stay the course and help me figure out my issues. Tremendous. The kind of doctor you seem to only read about in Life magazine or see in the movies.

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