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I was very fortunate to be referred to Dr. Khanna by Dr. Thiel

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I was very fortunate to be referred to Dr. Khanna by Dr. Thiel when my MRI showed some damaged c-spine issues, which had been the cause of unrelenting pain for about 6-7 weeks. Dr. Khanna got me in to see him quickly, and fit me into his surgery schedule rapidly, so that my pain was relieved by a successful operation on 10/31. He and his PA were good with followup, etc. My only 2 complaints are 1) I had a bad case of thrush mouth right after the surgery, which left me unable to eat and thus very weak. I was referred to my primary when he easily could have called in a prescription for me, saving me from having to travel (I was very weak post-surgery) more and wait longer. 2) I had to ask for a scrip for physical therapy, which I think is rather odd considering I had significant cervical spine surgery...I would have thought a PT referral would have been standard protocal! Other than that, I was very pleased with Dr. K and his team. They really saved my life!

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