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He is skilled, informative, kind, caring, thorough and decisive.

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I have a 25 year history of severe spinal stenosis, dried lumbar discs, radiation down both legs and scoliosis. I have done physical therapy, medications, chiropractic, massage therapy, exercise and steroid injections. . . anything that would help. I have seen many orthopedic/spinal surgeons in Virginia where I live. Dr. Khanna was my absolute number one choice for the surgical correction of these multiple complex problems (even though he is located in Maryland!).

He is skilled, informative, kind, caring, thorough and decisive. In October, 2017 he performed L2-5 laminectomies and posterior spinal fusion with instrumentation, allograft and autograft. Dr. Khanna's special surgical suite is equipped with both robotic capability and in-surgical imaging to insure precise location. Still, it is the surgeon whose skill is of the highest level who delivers the result. I am 12 weeks post-op. The absolute miracle is that I am now up and walking 30 minutes per day already! I am so grateful to Dr. Khanna and his excellent staff, including John Volatile, his PA, for this wonderful result.


-Carol Epner

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