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Decompression and Fusion Procedure (XLIF)

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Decompression and Fusion Procedure (XLIF)

Age 58. Maintenance, yard and groundsman. Worked 35 years for Seagram in Baltimore. Married. Hobbies: softball, swimming.

Wayne Morris had spine surgery in 2003 to repair damage to his spine from a fall at work. He managed well until the pain gradually returned with periods of numbness in his left leg. He had to halt almost all activities, including work, because the pain was so severe. The resident of Glen Burnie, who gave up playing softball, believed he was too young to be sidelined this way. When efforts to manage his pain failed, Morris’ physician referred him to Dr. Khanna. Morris had a new problem – severe stenosis in his lumbar spine at the L3-4 level, above the level of his prior surgery.

Dr. Khanna performed a minimally invasive decompression and fusion procedure (XLIF) from the side of the spine to stabilize the next level and take the pressure off of the nerves. Morris, whose surgery was in June, returned home the next day and reports that he feels like a new man. “Dr. Khanna says that I should be able to play softball again soon,” he notes. “That is exactly what I intend to do.”


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