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We met Dr. Khanna as a result of a very scary accident when a young adult in our family had a serious and dangerous fall which broke vertebrae in the neck. This traumatic and frightening situation was addressed by Dr. Khanna and his staff in a sensitive, kind and yet efficient and professional manner. Dr. Khanna took the time to patiently and thoroughly answer all of our family's many questions. He even arranged to speak to us in follow up sessions via conference call while he was traveling to an educational conference. As this was an emergency surgery, his well trained and sensitive staff made all kinds of efforts in redoing his schedule to work in a surgery date as soon as possible. Before surgery, he and his staff again worked to assure we were well prepared ( especially our family member who was the patient) and supported us through the process with special support needed for anesthesiology. During surgery and after he and his staff demonstrated caring and thoughtful follow up and again have taken as much time as the patient ( our family member) and we, the family, needed to understand the healing process. His surgical skills restored failing arm and hand function ( loss of feeling and weakness) so that after surgery, the arms and hands are usable. His skill,compassion and attention to support through the post surgery period helped turn one of the most traumatic and frightening events of our family into a time of celebration when he brought our family member out of surgery and we could all see she had functioning recovery. He and his staff continue to be there for our entire family in answering questions and supporting his patient as she returns to college and adjusts to life post surgery. Recovery from this major surgery is a long process. Dr. Khanna has continued to support and follow up with our college age child in a sensitive and supportive fashion. I have heard it many times that most surgeons are cold, have no warmth and no personality--all they want to do is "cut". Dr. Khanna is certainly the exception to that statement. We could not have had a more caring, thoughtful and engaged surgeon throughout this scary process. He truly seems to understand the impact of such a major surgery on not only the patient but on the entire family. His sensitivity and professionalism are also reflected in his kind and helpful staff. If any of our family or friends ever needs spinal surgery in the future, we will recommend Dr. Khanna without hesitation.

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